The NFP is a valuable economic information used by traders to measure the number of new job additions during the previous month. The report includes non-agricultural jobs within the US; it excludes private household employees, government employees, farm employees, and employees of nonprofit organizations.
The NFP is an economic indicator of American employment and its statistics help to determine the movement of the financial market.

At Green Earth Investments, our experienced currency traders, futures traders, stock traders, and top option market traders wait and analyse the NFP data keenly. NFP release affects all asset classes, including stocks and cryptos and other currencies.

The movement of the US dollar impacts other global assets because the United States has the most important and largest economy worldwide. The economic policy decisions set by the United States Federal Reserve can make the payroll data considerably vary from one month to the other.
Changes in the market participants view can initiate volatility in the financial markets. In this case, volatility leads to better profit potential and more trading prospects. Due to this, our traders have incorporated good NFP trading strategies that exploit the initial volatility to enjoy an outstanding profit potential.

When the expertise of our hundreds of professional traders is synchronized with our sophisticated trading technology, the analysis of the statistics for each month is deployed in trade and we guarantee our investors a 40-60 percent Return on investment in NFP Trade days.
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